Sanford & Bayboro Ceramic Braces

The Clear Alternative for a Great Smile

At Smith & Smith Orthodontics, we offer ceramic braces that combine the durability of traditional braces with the subtlety of aligners. They provide a discreet yet effective solution for both adults and teens seeking to enhance their smiles.

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Results You Can See

Ceramic braces offer a subtle yet robust solution for straightening teeth. They’re perfect if you don’t want to compromise on how you look during treatment.

At Smith & Smith Orthodontics, our braces are crafted from materials that mimic the color of your teeth. Why does this matter? It streamlines your treatment by making it fit into your life. Our treatments fit you. Not the other way around.

Ceramic braces function similarly to traditional metal braces with brackets and wires to align your teeth. But their primary advantage lies in their ability to work with your daily life.

Why Choose
Clear Braces?

Clear braces do more than align your teeth. They offer a less obvious way to improve your smile. Explore the significant advantages that clear braces can provide during your orthodontic journey.

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Unseen Treatment,
Unmatched Results

Braces at Smith & Smith Orthodontics blend in with your teeth. They provide an almost invisible treatment that lets you smile confidently without compromising your results.

Comfort & Convenience

Designed with smooth edges and a low-profile, our clear braces give you a comfortable experience that adapts easily to your daily activities. Plus, they reduce the usual discomfort associated with orthodontic adjustments.

Proven Results

Our clear braces are ideal for just about any of your orthodontic needs. They work for simple alignment and for more complex cases. They deliver dependable results with an almost invisible appearance.

Compelling Confidence

The discreet design of our braces naturally boosts your confidence during treatment. Smile and interact freely without a second thought.

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How They Work

Clear braces work under the same basic ideas as metal braces. They use a system of brackets and wires to adjust your teeth into their correct alignment. The biggest difference? Ceramic materials will draw less attention, meaning you get fewer questions.

Customized Fit

At Smith & Smith Orthodontics, we customize each set of braces to perfectly match the natural color of your teeth. Customization gives you a treatment that will help you look your best. Moreover, you can even choose different colors for the bands to reflect your personal style.

Piece-by-Piece Treatment

Your treatment with clear braces begins with a comprehensive consultation. Dr. Brian or Dr. Lynn will review your dental history, perform necessary scans, and design your specific treatment plan.

On your next visit, our team will place the brackets and attach a thin, nearly invisible wire. Regular check-ups are scheduled to adjust the wire and assess your progress. Followups keep your treatment on track.

Clear Braces vs.
Metal Braces

When considering braces, appearance and functionality are key factors. Ceramic braces and metal braces each offer unique advantages depending on your orthodontic needs and visual preferences.


Aesthetics & Strength

Clear braces are made from tooth-colored materials that mesh with your teeth. If you want a less obvious option, this is the choice for you. Metal braces, on the other hand, are highly durable and best for more complex orthodontic cases that require more thorough attention.


Choosing What’s Best for You

Consider your lifestyle, orthodontic needs, and aesthetics in your decision. While ceramic braces are less visible, metal braces might be the better choice for extensive corrections. Dr. Brian and Dr. Lynn will help you decide the best option after a thorough evaluation of your needs.

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Clear Braces FAQs

Get Very Visible Results

Ceramic braces give you invisible treatment and very visible results in the form of a fantastic new smile. They’re just one option for you at Smith & Smith Orthodontics.

Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Brian or Dr. Lynn today and find out how ceramic braces can help you!