Fifty Years of Smiles

Smith & Smith Orthodontics remains dedicated to renewing smiles in Sanford and Bayboro. This is our home and our patients are our neighbors. We strive to earn your trust through compassionate care and a commitment to your orthodontic needs.

Five Decades of Service

Our roots run deep in this community. For over 50 years, starting with Dr. Lynn and continuing with Dr. Brian, we've been committed to creating beautiful smiles in our town.

Our practice stands out because we treat our patients like family. Our field is orthodontics. But our specialty is creating an office that feels like home.

We have had the honor of treating generations of families We put you first in every clinical and administrative decision we make.  Choosing us means becoming part of a tradition that values excellence and community ties.

Personal Service

At Smith & Smith Orthodontics, personal service is the cornerstone of our practice. With a rich legacy spanning 50 years and two generations, we've resolved to make you feel like you belong here.

Our clinic specializes in treating young folks active in school and sports. We tailor your visits to your particular needs and schedule. We prioritize a patient-first approach in everything we do in Sanford and Bayboro.

Our environment is lively and fun-filled, where Dad jokes are a staple (Q. Why are spiders so smart? A. They find everything on the web).

Our blend of personal touch with professional care sets us apart. We aim to make orthodontic visits something our patients look forward to.

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Treating Kids & Teens

Smith & Smith Orthodontics specializes in meeting the orthodontic needs of active, young individuals. Recognizing that our patients are often involved in school activities and sports, we customize our treatments to fit into their busy and dynamic lives.

Your life is your life. And your orthodontic treatment shouldn’t get in the way of it. This is especially true for kids and teens. School, sports, part-time jobs. Minecraft. Young people are busy! So we make sure our treatments work with them, not against them.

We’ve equipped our practice to handle the challenges these young lifestyles present. We offer comfortable treatments that can support either an athlete or a musician. Plus, we can work around any extracurricular activities.

By supporting their active lives, we foster a positive, understanding relationship that encourages consistent care and optimal orthodontic results. Nobody should have to wait longer than they have to for a smile. Particularly not kids or teens.


Comfortable Treatments

Our practice uses the latest in orthodontic technology and techniques to minimize discomfort and streamline your treatment.

From the initial consultation to the final adjustments, our skilled team takes extra care to see that all interventions are gentle and effective.

We offer a host of treatment options, including modern braces and innovative clear aligners. They consistently deliver comfortable results. Our office atmosphere is friendly and family-oriented to keep your treatment as stress-free as possible.

Moreover, we listen and respond to our patients' concerns. We adapt our methods to suit your individual sensitivities and preferences.

Our patient-focused approach means treatments are effective and tailor-made to guarantee patient comfort and satisfaction throughout your orthodontic process.

Modern Techniques

Dr. Brian and Dr. Lynn at Smith & Smith Orthodontics are continuously learning about the latest orthodontic treatment and braces technology advancements.

Our Sanford and Bayboro offices are your go-to locations for modern orthodontic solutions. We provide aesthetic options like ceramic braces and clear aligners for better tooth alignment and quicker treatment times.

With the integration of new 3D technology, traditional goopy impressions are fast becoming a thing of the past, as our digital treatments enhance accuracy and patient comfort.

We are committed to incorporating the most advanced and practical technological improvements to enhance your care experience at Smith & Smith Orthodontics.


Accessible & Convenient Locations

Our two locations serve the greater Lee County and Pamlico County areas.

With offices in Sanford and Bayboro, great orthodontic care is only a few minutes from your home, work, or school.

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Ready, Set…Smile!

Dr. Brian and Dr. Lynn want to make your smile into something truly remarkable. To get started at either our Sanford or Bayboro office, schedule your free consultation at Smith & Smith Orthodontics today.