Why Your Child Needs to See An Orthodontist by Age 7

Dr. Brian and Dr. Lynn recommend that your child see an orthodontist by age 7. What’s so special about that age? Why do kids in Sanford and Bayboro need orthodontic care, then? Couldn’t it wait a little longer? After all, they grow up so fast! 7 is an ideal time to come into Smith & Smith Orthodontics. It’s key for early detection and intervention. Plus, you might save your child some time (and yourself some money) than if you were to wait.  

Why 7 Is Stupendous

Have you ever wondered why age 7 is so significant? By this age, children often have both baby teeth and emerging adult teeth. This combination allows orthodontists like Dr. Brian and Dr. Lynn Smith to understand your child’s dental future clearly. They can see what’s currently happening with your child’s baby teeth. At the same time, they can forecast how their adult teeth will grow. If our team gets involved early, we can help prevent future orthodontic problems. 

Our team can find issues with your child’s jaw growth and emerging teeth before they become more complex problems. Visiting Smith & Smith Orthodontics in Sanford or Bayboro at this pivotal age ensures any necessary adjustments can be made preemptively. We help you set your child up for smile success for the rest of their lives.

Benefits of Early Orthodontic Evaluation

Like any business, our offices have their share of workplace jargon. If you hear Dr. Brian or Dr. Lynn talk about “early intervention” or “phase 1 orthodontics,” this is what they mean. Discovering orthodontic problems for your child sooner instead of later. Here are some benefits for you.

Teamwork for Teeth and Jaws

Identifying Hidden Issues: An early evaluation helps us detect subtle problems with jaw alignment or incorrectly positioned teeth. Think of it as decoding your child’s dental health early on.

The Benefits: Catching these issues early allows us to correct the path of jaws and teeth smoothly, helping to avoid more serious problems as your child grows. It ensures everything in the mouth functions well together.

Creating Space for Super Smiles

Ensuring Room for Growth: We check to make sure there’s enough space in your child’s mouth for adult teeth to emerge without overcrowding.

Long-Term Advantages: Managing space effectively can prevent the need for extractions later on. It’s about careful planning to ensure each tooth fits perfectly within your child’s smile.

Kicking Pesky Habits to the Curb

Addressing Thumb Sucking: While it may seem harmless, habits like thumb sucking can negatively affect teeth alignment.

Proactive Solutions: By identifying these habits early, we can collaborate with you and your child to eliminate them gradually. Our goal is to keep your child’s dental development on track for a healthy and attractive smile.

Why Your Child Needs to See An Orthodontist by Age 7

Common Signs Your Child May Need Orthodontic Attention

Understanding everything about children’s dental health can be quite an adventure. At Smith & Smith Orthodontics in Sanford, NC, we’re here to help you identify the signs that your child might need orthodontic care. Consider this your guide to becoming your child’s smile detective:

Early or Late Loss of Baby Teeth

When your child’s baby teeth fall out too early or hang around too long, it’s a crucial hint. This unusual timing might signal that there’s not enough space or too much for the upcoming adult teeth.

Difficulty Chewing or Biting

Take note if your child struggles during meals or they find it hard to chew or bite. Misaligned teeth might be making it difficult for them to enjoy foods like pizza, which should be fun to eat!

Mouth Breathing

If your child frequently breathes through their mouth, it’s worth paying attention to. This could be more than just a quirky habit; it might indicate inadequate space in their mouth, affecting their breathing pattern.

Thumb Sucking After Age 5

While thumb sucking is normal in younger children, if this habit continues after age 5, it could be a sign of dental issues. Persistent thumb-sucking might cause your child’s teeth to shift out of place. Why does that happen? They don’t have enough room.

Crowded or Misplaced Teeth

Keep an eye out if your child’s teeth are overcrowded or appear misplaced. This is a direct plea for more space, indicating that the teeth are too cramped.

Recognizing these signs is the first step in your child’s journey to a healthier smile. We’re ready to join your team at Smith & Smith Orthodontics. We aim to make your child’s smile as healthy and beautiful as possible. Let’s work together to monitor and guide your child’s dental development. After all, they deserve to be set up for a lifetime of luminous smiles.

Why Your Child Needs to See An Orthodontist by Age 7

Early Intervention at Smith & Smith Orthodontics

Starting orthodontic treatment at age 7 at Smith & Smith Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth—it’s critical for your child’s future smile and overall oral health. When you work with us, you’re building a solid foundation for your child’s smile. Remember that early intervention can make daily teeth cleaning easier for them. As a result, they’ll experience fewer cavities and healthier gums. Seeing Dr. Brian or Dr. Lynn at 7 also promotes better chewing, which aids in digestion and improves speech clarity. To schedule an appointment at either our Sanford or Bayboro office, visit us here